Background Information

The Saltibus R.C Combined School is a denominational (Catholic) school established in August 30th, 1959. Situated in a secluded area north of the Piaye Community, approximately five to six miles away. The property on which the school is built was donated by the Saltibus Parish.
The school was one of the largest schools in District Seven with an enrollment of over five hundred students. Over the past years the school experienced a dwindling population. Currently, there are one hundred and twenty nine students on roll. The school has a teaching staff of twelve teachers and a principal. The ancillary staff includes an Office Assistant, IT Assistant, a cook, two janitors, a caretaker and six watchmen (Security officers).
The following subjects are studied at the school:
Language Arts
Science and Technology
Social Studies
Health and Family Life Ed.
Information Technology
Physical Education
Arts and Craft.
The school serves the communities in its environs namely; Saltibus, Jetrine, Park Estate, Gia Bois, Londonderry and Darban.
Parents obtain a livelihood through farming, vending, handicraft and hospitality. Most parents are considered in the lower income bracket, but with their commitment and the hard work and dedication of the staff, the school performs creditably well. The teachers work diligently for the success and development of their students. Moreover, the school places heavy emphasis on the cultural aspect of our children’s learning. This involves portrayal of La Marguerite group and involvement in other folk dances.